Meet Your Co-founder

Are you looking for a co-founder for your startup or are you looking for a startup to join? Enjoy Meet Your Co-founder by UtrechtInc.

A strong, complementary team is stronger than a solo founder. As a startup a complementary team influences your knowledge and skills, which increases the opportunities to scale. That’s why we, together with EIT Climate-KIC, organize Meet Your Co-founder.

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For startups
We guide 20 entrepreneurs and startups to a co-founder.

Until April 29: Sign up
April 29: Selection
May 7: Lunch with startups
May 23: Matching event –> open for everyone
June 25: Event with successful entrepreneurs. Exclusively for startups with a match

As a startup, you can get selected if you fall into at least 2 out of these 3 categories:
1) You have a scaleable solution
2) You have an idea or a startup in one of these sectors: Health, Education, Sustainability & Climate change
3) You are a scientist

Lunch May 7
Selected? Great! We’ll see you at lunch May 7, at which we explain how you find a co-founder, what to think about (like how to divide your shares) and how you pitch your startup.

For potential co-founders
The startups are looking for tech and commercial talent. If you are neither, you are more than welcome, but we cannot guarantee relevant startups.

Schedule for open event May 23
16:30 Open
17:00 Introduction
17:05 Pitches
17:15 Speed dating
17:50 Pitches
18:00 Speed dating
18:35 Pitches
18:45 Speed dating
19:15 Pitches
19:25 Drinks

Sign up and we’ll send you a list of all the startups and participants, so you’ll know who to talk to May 23.

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