Call to action Global Goals Social Impact Challenge 2018

Do you have an idea about how to deal with waste streams? A circular plan that has not yet got off the ground? Or a concept that accelerates the transition to sustainable energy? Then BNG Bank and VNG are looking for you! Register with your socially enterprising idea no later than September 9th, and have a chance to get guidance and funding for your idea!

Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs), raw materials and climate agreements; every day we read about all the ambitions concerning sustainability. Dutch municipalities, supported by VNG's Municipalities4GlobalGoals campaign, face a huge challenge in achieving sustainable development objectives. At the same time, 1/3 of all new enterprises are starting from a social or environmental mission. But these companies often find it difficult to finance their ideas, which limits their scale and impact. With this challenge, BNG Bank & VNG brings together entrepreneurs and finance providers!

That is why BNG Bank and VNG are looking for ideas about energy transition, waste and circular economy that can be financed in order to make as much impact as possible, particularly on Global Goal 12: 'responsible consumption & production'.

Who can participate?

Do you have an idea, project or product that:

  • contributes to more sustainable patterns of consumption and production or accelerates the circular economy?
  • tackles waste streams more efficiently or deals with waste and recycling in a more environmentally friendly way?
  • reduces the use of polluting fossil fuels or accelerates the transition to fully sustainable energy sources?
  • is relevant to the sustainability policy of several municipalities?
  • has not yet been mentioned here, but contributes to the impact on Global Goal 12?

For more info (in Dutch) check the website of VNG