Closure accelerates growth of its SaaS platform with successful investment round

Today, Closure, thé online platform for completing subscriptions, contracts and accounts after a death, received additional funding for accelerated expansion of the existing Closure network in the Netherlands.

Graciëlla van Hamersveld, co-founder of Closure, about the ambitions of the platform: "After a death, relatives have a lot to deal with. This includes not only the emotional processing, but also all kinds of administrative matters, such as arranging the 'digital legacy'. It is the responsibility of relatives to inform all companies at which his or her loved one had a subscription, contract or account. This includes telephony, gas / water / electricity, public transport, social media, insurance, bank accounts, charities, sports clubs and so on. Closure unburdens relatives quickly and easily by providing them with one central point of contact for informing those organizations after a death, something that we will all have to deal with someday".

Contemporary solution

With the online completion of subscriptions, contracts and accounts after a death, Closure taps into a new market, though with an old problem. The platform is based on active collaborations with companies. "This way we can not only help relatives, but also ease the process for companies that offer the subscriptions" says co-founder Chantal van der Velde. The investment makes it possible to increase the number of partnerships with companies within a short period of time. In order to realize this, acquisition of extra developers and increasing the sales capacity are required.

The scalability of the service as well as the complementary team and the in short time realized partnerships with, among others, KPN and Ardanta, who provide their customers with the service of Closure free of charge, were reasons for tech investors Janneke Niessen, Kees Jan Rietveld and Lex Geerdes to invest. "Closure tackles a globally relevant and recognizable problem. With the continuous increase in the number of subscriptions and accounts, especially online, the administrative burden is also increasing. Closure is therefore a very logical solution" says Janneke Niessen.

About Closure

Closure foresees a day when each person’s digital legacy is automatically completed. To achieve this, we have developed a platform that eases the pain around finalizing the digital legacy for relatives. Closure won the Philips Innovation Award in 2018 and is currently a finalist in the start-up Award of TEDx Women.

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