Finding talent for your startup

Finding great startup talent is crucial to get your startup to the next level. At the same time it can be very hard to find the right talent for your business. StartupUtrecht helps you to find this talent, by connecting you to various portals, platforms or recruiting offices. An example is the new platform offered by StuComm.

Utrecht-based startup StuComm offers high-end technology solutions and is the tech partner of educational institutions. Their StudentsApp is used 5 times per day by over 600.000 students from 25 different universities and colleges. 

The StudentsApp now also integrates vacancies in the talent feature. It matches students based on their profile to the most relevant internships and jobs. 

The feature enables companies to access a large pool of young talent that would otherwise be hard to reach. The combination of the high frequency use of the app and the user-friendly interface facilitate an enhanced application process for filling vacancies.

For more information about the talent feature, do not hesitate to get in touch with StuComm.

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