Global Entrepreneurship Summit comes to the Netherlands in 2019

The Netherlands and the United States share a 400-year-old friendship, enshrined in shared values and culture.  To advance and celebrate the work of entrepreneurs, on June 4 and 5, 2019, both countries will co-host the ninth Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Hague, the Netherlands. The 2019 GES underscores both countries’ commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.

With the input that StartupUtrecht and the Dutch business community provided, the organisation has developed an innovative concept for the GES. Not only will they be organising a summit for innovative entrepreneurs from around the world, but also a campaign to bring together private and public entities to help resolve societal challenges.

During the 2019 GES, entrepreneurs and investors will gather for two days of dynamic “TED-like” discussions, panels, matchmaking and mentorships. They will connect, exchange ideas and create new investment opportunities. The Summit provides a platform where stakeholders are brought together to develop concrete business ideas - before and during the course of the event - and accelerate solutions to global challenges.

GES 2019

The Summit will feature industries such as Health, Energy, Water, Food and Agriculture and Connectivity/Infrastructure, and will bring investment-ready entrepreneurs together with investors, innovators, policy makers, global brands and thought leaders from around the world. Entrepreneurs drive global economic growth and innovation, creating jobs at more than twice the rate of established companies and tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


Together, the United States and the Netherlands will use the GES to drive global innovation and celebrate the free-market economy that supports jobs, growth, problem solving and innovation. An estimated 20,000 emerging leaders have participated in Global Entrepreneurship Summits since 2010. The relationships formed at these summits have transcended borders, industries and sectors to transformed ideas into partnerships and successful enterprises.

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