How (not) to deal with corporates

During last StartUP, ScaleUP, MeetUP on 16 May, we discussed how (not) to deal with corporates. Founders Tom Berger (Devise) and Gül Akcaova (Sidekick Mattie) shared their experiences in dealing with corporates in Health Care and Education, while Bas Akkers (City of Utrecht) gave the insider's view. One thing was clear from the onset: if you want to have a corporate as your customer, be prepared for extremely long leadtimes.

Having said that, getting in is already quite a hurdle in the first place.Tips: visit conferences (preferably as a speaker), be blunt, use LinkedIn and don't be afraid to send a short email to the CEO or business unit manager with the question who you should talk to in the organisation. Once you are in, be sure to get a view on who's who in the organisation and adjust your value proposition in accordance to who you are talking to (manager or expert). After all, on every level people have their own problems to solve. But don't forget: every person is interested in showing off with a great success, so make sure that's you!  

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