StartUP ScaleUP MeetUP

Wednesday's meetup

Did you attend the Startup Scale-up Meetup last Wednesday? Tweakers' tech journalist Frank Everaardt shared with us his takeaways from CES, the world's biggest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The promises of AI and Blockchain, flying cars, security and privacy, the focus on Health and Smart City solutions - Frank provided a 20 minute crash course into the latest technology trends. After that, startups Covince, TicTag and Innovation Award winner Qoobi shared with us their learnings on how to prepare for such a big event. The networking drinks afterwards proved to be very helpful in establishing new connections for the attendees.

Among other things, the following learnings were shared:

  • make sure you start with your preparations very early.
  • make sure that you have a full schedule with appointments when you are there. If needed: send 1.500 emails beforehand!
  • don't think you need to have conquered your home market before you go abroad, the best startups have started thinking global in a very early stage.
  • the side effects are worthwhile too: after such an event, your team will be more coherent then ever.
  • don't forget to invest in press coverage, press is probably more important than a short visit by a deputy-minister...
  • if you want to attract a journalist's attention, make a personal connection.
  • don't refer a journalist (or any other important contact) to your website, send the information yourself and follow-up on conversations.

Next meetup: 21 February

The meetup underlined the way we at StartupUtrecht want to approach these monthly meetings: a combination of content and networking that really add value for startups. So: be sure to attend the next Startup Scale-up Meetup! The next meetup is on 21 February from 17:-00 - 18:00 hrs, followed by networking drinks. Place to be is Dotslash, Europalaan 100. Theme we will discuss is: how to finance your operation.

Startups will share their experiences in finding and dealing with angel investors and we are happy to have Robert Weaver (MatchingWings) as 'investor in residence', who will talk about investor readiness and how investors look at startups.

Please register for the next Startup Scale-up Meetup using this form.

And hey, be social, don't keep this opportunity to yourself and invite another startup (or two) to join you!