StartupDelta to see ambitious continuation through TechLeap.NL

StartupDelta will be continued on a grander scale in the second half of this year, when it will be rebranded TechLeap.NL. Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, who has served as StartupDelta's Special Envoy for the last three years, will continue to act as Special Envoy to TechLeap.NL.

The State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Mona Keijzer, announced this news in The Hague today.

The Dutch government regards StartupDelta as a logical choice to take the lead in strengthening the Dutch start-up and scale-up ecosystem as well as making it the best such ecosystem in all of Europe. For this reason, the government will enable StartupDelta to realise more of its ambitions under the new name of TechLeap.NL once the current mandate expires on 1 July.

TechLeap.NL's programme will focus on developing knowledge with regard to the start-up ecosystem, bringing about new initiatives in the ecosystem, and linking the best Dutch start-ups up to the best investors and programmes. The emphasis will be on themes such as capital, talent and market, all within a context of quick growth.

Government raises its level of ambition

Expanding StartupDelta into TechLeap.NL fits in with the Dutch government's ambitious plan (involving all departments) to turn the Netherlands into Europe's best start-up ecosystem. The government's plan lists several actions to be taken and investments to be made, among other things designed to make working for a start-up more attractive by (1) amending the tax regulations for share options (i.e. no tax will be levied on shares in an employee's company until the moment that they are transferred to another shareholder), (2) appointing six start-up liaisons in six internationally oriented and metropolitan priority areas (‘hubs’), and (3) conducting a pilot study on providing essential employees of start-ups who hail from outside the EU with residence permits. In all, some 65 million euros will be made available over the next four years to implement start-up and scale-up policies. Of this sum, 35 million will be allocated to TechLeap.NL's new programme, while 30 million will be earmarked for other measures designed to strengthen the start-up and scale-up ecosystem.

Prince Constantijn, StartupDelta's Special Envoy, said the following on the occasion: 'The duties and role assigned to TechLeap.NL as well as the actions undertaken by several ministries to improve our start-up and scale-up policy make me feel confident that all parties understand the necessity and urgency of pressing ahead now if we are to realise our ambition of making the Netherlands number one in this respect.'

For her part, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer stated: 'Start-ups, and particularly scale-ups, result in growth and innovation. An incentive such as the one just announced is necessary for strengthening our ecosystem and is linked to our ambition of becoming Europe's strongest ecosystem. Such ambition requires decisive action and the requisite resources.'