Startups and Scale-ups accelerate with Starthubs

As a startup, it is not always easy to find an organization to test a product or service. Launching customers are not immediately in line. Investors and potential partners also do not let themselves be heard. So how do startups get their brilliant ideas to the attention? Starthubs offers a solution. Through this platform, startups pitch their solution directly to large organizations. This way a pilot, order or investment comes closer quickly.

At Starthubs, large organizations can be found that are looking for startups and scale-ups to innovate. There are several options for a startup to show more of themselves.

Startup Challenges
In a startup challenge, an innovation goal or challenge of a large organization is the starting point. Startups who think they have a suitable solution can take part in such a challenge. The startups with the best solutions have the chance to win a pilot project, assignment, subsidy or investment.

Open Calls
Another option: a startup does have a solid solution or service, but it does not fit directly with a challenge described at Starthubs. In that case,  startups can present their solution to participating organizations with an 'open pitch'. Organizations that are open to this can be found through open calls.

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If there is no direct connection of the startup offer to a challenge or a participating organization, then also Starthubs can help. The data from the startup will then be included in a searchable database. Participating organizations, partners (incubators and accelerators) and so-called Startup Scouts can still find the perfect match.

Success stories and opportunities
The Starthub platform has already achieved some successes. For example, a pilot was recently started for Stedin to map real-time disruptions and to predict them based on data. In addition, for Prorail some startups will develop their winning designs into a prototype to reuse used traintrack materials. Vodafone also sees the power of Starthubs's model and has launched a challenge for startups and scale-ups. They are challenged to come up with IoT products and services that make life easier for consumers.

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