Support in times of Corona: what can we do?

As entrepreneurs you are probably used to challenges to some extent,
but for a lot of Startups and Scale-ups this pandemic
means they need additional support. Here’s a short list of some support,
if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to send a mail to


What are the possibilities?


Support for Startups 

Specific Covid information for startups can be found at Techleap


National support

More information about national support from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

or you can find more information at


Bridge loan

Information on the bridge financing can be found at Techleap


Regional support in Utrecht

Are you an entrepreneur in Utrecht? And do you have a question regarding
corona measures? Or do the current options not give your business enough support?  
The Utrecht Region Economische Corona Alliantie (URECA) can help!
Ask your question at #URECAvoorUtrechtseOndernemers:

Information from the municipality of Utrecht