"We could be a little prouder of what we’re doing here"

Innovation Origins, an independent journalistic platform, recently dove into the Utrecht Startup ecosystem: "Health, enterprise software and fintech. Perhaps not the sexiest markets, but there’s a lot of activity in these areas in Utrecht."

As a platform that focuses on innovation, the business of innovation and the people behind it, Innovation Origins is always looking for relevant innovations. Relevant stories highlighting the people, products and companies that determine tomorrow’s society. That is why they published a series of articles about the startup ecosystems in all Dutch provinces, including Utrecht.

“Utrecht is beautifully located in the heart of our country. That’s always practical when you’re meeting up with people from all places”

Read about the startups Tekster and Ikify in the full article of Innovation Origins.

“For me, the cool thing about the startup world is exactly how open everyone is towards each other. We need each other.”

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