Who were the Utrecht Startups of the Year 2020? Part 3: Moveshelf

Meet the winners of the Utrecht Startup of the Year 2020! To give the great startups in our ecosystem a stage, StartupUtrecht organized the first edition of the Utrecht Startup of the Year Competition at the end of last year. After an exciting pitch final with 15 participants, the jury chose 3 winners. In the category 'Early stage' it was Moveshelf. And in the category 'Later stage' Channable and Tover!

We interviewed the founders of these 3 startups. This week we have Moveshelf in the spotlight, we talked to Ignazio Aleo. Hear all about the story of Moveshelf, best insight of the past year, and who they would nominate as Startup of the year 2021!

When and why did you start Moveshelf?

We started working on the idea in 2017, after spending many years developing motion sensing technologies and products. Per Slycke (my co-founder) and I realized that just like books, photos, and music before, human motions will be digitized on a massive scale. We felt to be uniquely positioned to create a solution that would dramatically improve our understanding of human motion. Making it easier for physicians to choose the right treatment for movement disorders, preventing unnecessary injuries and shortening recovery time.


What does Moveshelf do?

Movement disorders, such as Cerebral palsy, Osteoarthritis and Parkinson's disease have a high societal and economic impact. It is the 3rd highest medical expense in the Netherlands and 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States. Movement analysis is a vital part of clinical care for patients with movement disorders. Unfortunately, the currently used systems and workflows for movement analysis are complex and time-consuming.

Moveshelf is a software application that integrates movement analysis with existing clinical IT systems and supports physicians and medical staff in decision-making. We make the workflows less complex and help objectify treatment selection.

We are uniquely positioned because we are the only product in this market which is not tied to a particular vendor of movement analysis hardware. In that way we are like Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) for X-ray and MRI imaging, which are a part of every hospital’s IT solution these days.


How many people work at Moveshelf?

We are a very enthusiastic, diverse, and focused team: Monique our movement scientist who is great at seeing things from a client’s perspective, Johannes our medical technology product guru, Ignazio (no comment!) and Per, our (almost) unlimited resource of experience and knowledge. We also regularly have interns from Engineering and Computer Science courses, from all around Europe. And we work with several freelancers that tremendously help us getting things done, professionally and on time. 

As a matter of fact, it is important to highlight that Moveshelf is growing and that we are hiring developers! If you know anyone crazy good that is seeking a new challenge and is keen to join a fast-paced but friendly and inclusive team, please ask them to look at our open roles: https://moveshelf.com/jobs and to get in touch with me and the team.


Where do you see Moveshelf in 5 years? 

We aim to be the best–in-class, go-to software solution for ALL clinical movement analysis, worldwide. Furthermore, we set our BHAG (Big Hairy Ambitious Goal) in terms of number of data records that our software solution will be processing while supporting medical teams in taking decisions. We aim to process several hundreds of thousands of data records, across different movement disorders! Our vision is to provide our solution on a large scale, so that all clinical and rehab centers will be able to have the advantage of using our movement analysis software.


What advice do you have for other startups to grow?

Be bold, invest in relationships with people of absolute value (the famous A+ people!) and get yourself comfortable for a long journey.


What was the key insight of the past year?

Despite some challenges, 2020 has been a key year for Moveshelf: we achieved important milestones and we learned a lot. Here first learnings that comes to mind:

  1. Since more than 10 years, leading clinical organizations in the Netherlands, and worldwide, have been actively working to integrate movement analysis in their daily workflows. As a result, they clearly see the added value of our solution and are helping us understand important next steps. This gives us a lot of focus and support!   
  2. Things can take a little longer than you would expect. Still, as far you are comfortable with it, this is OK :-). 


Which startup would you nominate for the Utrecht Startup of the Year 2021, and why?

I would nominate those who have been competing with us in the finals of Utrecht Startup of the Year 2020: I perceived it was a close call and I feel they deserve another shot to get more visibility as well. Among those, I was impressed by HoorayHR, they have a sharp team that is working hard to solve a challenging problem. They are building next-generation tools for HR in a superfast, changing, and connected world. Because of remote collaborations these days, that can feel pretty broken on both the employer and the employee side.



Want to read more about Moveshelf? 

Check their website!